Pep reveals ‘Haaland’ may miss Arsenal

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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola was more pleased with his performance in the second half of their win over Aston Villa than in the first half. Even if you can’t add more scores and reveal, Erling Haaland doesn’t feel good. Have to wait to assess the symptoms first whether they are ready to face Arsenal this Wednesday or not.

Amid the pressure on lawsuits outside the field On Sunday, Guardiola, in charge of “The Blues”, beat Aston Villa 3-1

at home. Guardiola’s team scored all three goals in the first half. One of them came from Haaland, providing an assist for Ilkay Gundogan to finish the score

before assisting, there was a moment in which Haaland clashed with Emiliano Martinez, who keep the opponent’s goal Until there are some symptoms that require the first aid medical team on the sidelines

After the match, Guardiola gave an interview to UFABET discussing the form of his players.

“We had a very good game. Unfortunately the best moments happen in the second half, the second half we played better than the first half. We

lost one goal and in the Premier League when the score is 3-1 it always becomes an open game. But overall we had a very good game

. We play in possession of the ball. But our game has to be a little faster

. Between the lead team, three points away, Guardiola decided to remove Haaland and replace it with Julian Alvarez, causing the league’s goalscoring star to add another score

. And he’s not feeling well. So we don’t want to take risks. We will assess his condition in the coming days,” Guardiola explained.

“If the score is even more even I may not change Haaland out, hope Haaland can catch the game on Wednesday. But if there is a risk or if he is not ready to play We will use other people instead. “

This Wednesday, Man City has an important program to visit Arsenal, the leader of the crowd, to reduce the gap, which they are now 3 points behind by playing more than 1 game

. Senol still has one game in hand. But we’re going to London to try and win ′

′ When one team collects 50 points in the first half of the season. That’s because they are a very good team, today we close the gap. Because we showed a very good form.