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3 ways to treat chronic kidney disease

The Medical Department is concerned about people with chronic disease such as diabetes , high blood pressure, heart disease, people with a history of chronic kidney disease in their family, and those who regularly use painkillers. Random risk of kidney disease Recommend seeing a doctor early. If symptoms are found

10 good benefits of “basil” to prevent heart disease

“Basil”, in addition to being a close relative of , it also helps to add flavor to food. and smell more appetizing and is beneficial to the body as well But don’t confuse it with holy actually has a different taste and smell than holy basil. And also has different health

What type of sore throat is the risk of “tonsillitis”?

It is believe that the abnormalities in the body that seem to be minor but annoying Bully will make us unable to eat, can’t sleep every time. I can’t escape the sore throat. Whether it’s a sore throat from minor causes such as using too much noise. or from flu