Who Built The Absolute Towers?

Absolute World
Lifts/elevators Tower 1: 6 Tower 2: 6
Design and construction
Architect Burka Architects MAD Studio
Developer Fernbrook Homes Cityzen Development Group

When were the absolute towers built?

Construction of Absolute Towers Construction of the last two towers started in 2007 when Burka Varacalli Architects was hired by MAD as a local partner. The construction was planned to be completed in 2010. By January 2010 22 storeys of the first tower were completed.

how many buildings are in Mississauga? The two Mississauga buildings, 50 storeys and 56 storeys each, are part of a five-building development off Hurontario St.

how tall are the Marilyn Monroe buildings?

158 m

Why is it called Marilyn Monroe Towers?

Background. In 1994, an international design competition was held to select the architect for the fourth tower for Absolute World. Within days of the announcement, the taller building had been nicknamed the “Marilyn Monroetower due to its curvaceous, hourglass figure likened to actress Marilyn Monroe.

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