Where Does Toni Braxton Live?

Listing details that Your Mama dug up on the internets described Miz Braxton’s new digs in the upscale, guard-gated, and celeb-friendly Oaks development in Calabasas, CA, as a “French Country Inspired single story” residence with four bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms in 5,323 square feet.

Where do the braxtons live?

About Evelyn Braxton Evelyn Braxton grew up in Columbia, South Carolina among several brothers and sisters. At the age of 13 she experienced a life-change when she moved to Maryland alone to live with her aunt who had no children.

When did Evelyn Braxton get divorced?

2000 Michael Conrad Braxton

Who is the tallest Braxton sister?

How tall is Tamar Braxton compared to her most famous sister, Toni, you might wonder? Toni stands 5 feet, 1 inch, according to most websites, though some outlets list her as 5 feet, 2 inches.

Who is the oldest Braxton?

At 36, Tamar Braxton is nine years younger than 45-year-old Toni Braxton, who was born Oct. 7, 1967, and is the oldest of the Braxton siblings. The family consists of one boy—Michael Conrad Braxton Jr., born Nov. 17, 1968—and five girls, all of whom initially performed together as the Braxtons.

When did Gabe die?


Where are the Braxtons originally from?

Severn, Maryland, United States

Is Towanda Braxton pregnant?

Is Towanda Braxton Pregnant? The Singer Is Acting Super Secretive. On the latest episode of WEtv’s Braxton Family Values, Towanda Braxton neither confirmed nor denied that she’s expecting a baby after sister Tamar questioned why she wasn’t drinking.

What disease does Toni Braxton have?


How much is Celine Dion worth?

Celine Dion (net worth: $430 million) Singer Celine quickly became an international superstar and made a large portion of her money from touring.

How much is Vince and Tamar worth?

By most accounts, her net worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of six million dollars. Unlike many celebrities, this was not revealed until she went through a somewhat ugly divorce with her then-husband, Vince Herbert.

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