Where Are Einhell Tools Made?

Whilst design and development of Einhell power tools takes place in Germany, their products are largely produced in China. The manufacture of these products is supervised by German engineers and technicians who ensure all products are made in accordance with strict Einhell guidelines.

Who manufactures einhell?


is einhell good? A very good product The quality and cutting experience has been outstanding. I like cutting lawns and have used the mowers a few times and the performance/ Quality/design and value by comparison to my own mower makes me wish that my own will breakdown soon and I will replace with the Einhell.

where are einhell mowers made?

Einhell Lawnmower Overview: Operating headquarters are at Einhell Germany AG in Landau/Isar in Germany. Einhell develops and sells solutions for the handyman and tradesman for home, garden and recreational use.

What does einhell mean?

Einhell is a brand that is constantly looking to the future, innovating and adapting ideas and concept to try to improve performance, ease of use, cost to power efficiency our relationship with the environment.

Who owns einhell?

Thannhuber AG

Is einhell the same as Ozito?

However, one thing that hasn’t been mentioned is that Ozito was acquired by the Germany based tool company Einhell AG in 2013.

Who is Tacklife?

Tacklife is founded in 2015 with only a team of 10 people with full of passion. They aims to manufacture the best products that inspire our consumers to live a more convenient, secure lifestyle. Firstly they started with a user and understand what need they have,how to make it,what matters to them?

Who are Erbauer?

Erbauer is a thinly veiled screwfix own brand, much like challenge from Argos and Pro from B&Q.

Who makes Ozito?

Ozito Industries was established in Australia in 1993, and is committed to delivering value for money power tool products. Ozito power tools are sold exclusively through Bunnings Warehouse throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Are Alko mowers any good?

Al-Ko 520BR Lawn Mower Review Conclusion Overall, not the cheapest lawn mower you could buy but I think it’s excellent value for money. Whether you’re like me with a field to mow as well as a lawn or if you’ve a half acre bowling green then this machine with its wide 52cm will do the job effectively for you.

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