When Did Hvorostovsky Die?

November 22, 2017

what did dmitri hvorostovsky die of?

Brain tumours

where is Dmitri Hvorostovsky buried? November 28, 2017

what kind of brain tumor did Dmitri Hvorostovsky have?

Dmitri Hvorostovsky died on 22 November 2017 in London at the age of 55 years old after a two-and-a-half-year battle with brain cancer (Glioblastoma), one of the most aggressive human cancer. He used every day his mobile phone during 17 years.

How old is Florence Illi?

Hvorostovsky gave up drinking on New Year’s Day in 2001. And the same year he married the Swiss-born soprano Florence Illi. Hvorostovsky had been to Geneva for a performance where he sang with the then 29-year-old Illi.

How do you spell Dimitri?

Dimitri is the cosmopolitan blend of French and Russian. The Slavic form of the name is typically spelled Dmitri(y) and, like Ivan, Sacha, Vladimir and Yuri, we think of this one as quintessentially Russian (Дмитрий). The Slavs adopted the name from the Greek Δημητριος (Dēmētrios) meaning “follower of Demeter”.

How old was Dmitri Hvorostovsky when he died?

55 years (1962–2017)

How tall is Hvorostovsky?

1.93 m

Was Dmitri Hvorostovsky married?

Florence Illi m. 2001–2017 Svetlana Hvorostovskaya m. 1989–2001

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