What Is Stub In Statistics?

THE TABLE STUB. The stub consists of a heading and the line captions that are listed at the left side of a table and describe each row of figures in the field. Capitalize only the first letter of the first word and the first letters of any proper nouns in both the stub heading and the line captions.

What is a wiki stub?

A stub is an article deemed too short to provide encyclopedic coverage of a subject.

What is a stub in a table? Stub, the vertical column to the far left of a table in which you list the various line headings that identify the horizontal rows of data in the body of the table. Body, all the data, presented in columns below the boxhead, describing items in the stub.

What do you mean by caption and stub?

Caption is the column heading which tells about the details of the column entries. Like the column heading or the caption, each row is given a heading to explain the entries of the row. This is known as stubs or row headings.

What are the essentials of a good statistical table?

The essentials of good tables includes headings, abbreviations, footnote and total in table. In singular form heading should be written, in heading abbreviation should not be used in heading, footnote should be used if necessary and in the ending of per row sub-total should be used.

How do you stub a cigarette?

stub out. To extinguish a lit object, especially a cigarette or cigar, by pressing the lit end against a hard surface. A noun or pronoun can be used between “stub” and “out.” He stubbed out the cigarette and got up to leave.

What is stub in Java?

A stub is a controllable replacement for an existing dependency (or collaborator) in the system. By using a stub, you can test your code without dealing with the dependency directly. A mock object is a fake object in the system that decides whether the unit test has passed or failed.

What is stub software testing?

In computer science, test stubs are programs that simulate the behaviours of software components (or modules) that a module undergoing tests depends on. Stubs are computer programs that act as temporary replacement for a called module and give the same output as the actual product or software.

What are the three ways of presenting data?

PRESENTATION OF DATA This refers to the organization of data into tables, graphs or charts, so that logical and statistical conclusions can be derived from the collected measurements. Data may be presented in(3 Methods): – Textual – Tabular or – Graphical.

What are the advantages of table?

The following are the advantages of the table that are: By using the table, we can easily find out the information and it is one of the efficient way for summarize the given information into the form of columns. In table we can add the information in specific way rather than in paragraph.

What is meant by tabulation?

To tabulate information is to organize it into a table. Tabulating is a way of processing information or data by putting it in a table. This doesn’t mean the kind of table you eat off of, though. It refers to a table, or chart, with rows and columns. When tabulating, you might have to make calculations.

What are the forms of data presentation?

The three main forms of presentation of data are: Textual presentation. Data tables. Diagrammatic presentation.

What is tabular form?

Many people assume that “tabular form” refers to a pre-designed Word template or a specific feature, but it actually means presenting information in rows and columns, rather than paragraphs, to break down specific data into a quickly scannable layout.

What are the parts of a table?

Parts of a Table Title number and title. Divider rules. Spanner heads. Stub heads. Column heads. Row titles. Cells. Footnotes.

What is the purpose of data presentation?

Data presentation plays a crucial role in communication research, as the objectives are made clear with relevant evidences. The researchers can convince their research to the reader by the effective data presentation. Effective data presentation can gain the confidence of the reader of the research document.

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