What Is Hepplewhite Furniture?

As Hepplewhite furniture is characterized by contrasting veneers and inlays depicting seashells or bellflowers, pieces often contain more than one type of wood. For the base, mahogany was most often the wood of choice, but satinwood and maple were also popular.

How do you identify hepplewhite furniture?

Some of the distinguishing traits of a true piece of Hepplewhite furniture include a consistency of formal design attributes. Hepplewhite pieces typically have straight legs which may be square or may be tapered at the bottom or foot. A Hepplewhite style foot is simple and straightforward in its design.

what is Federal style furniture? Federal (1780-1820) The Federal style combines the neoclassic furniture style characteristics of Hepplewhite and Sheraton. It is characterized by graceful straight lines, light construction, tapered legs, inlay, and contrasting veneers. Appearance. Graceful and Refined – Elegant appearance.

what does Hepplewhite mean?

Definition of Hepplewhite. (Entry 1 of 2) : of, relating to, or imitating a style of furniture originating in late 18th century England. Hepplewhite. biographical name.

How do I know if my side table is an antique?

How can you tell how old your furniture is?

Here is closer look at some of them. Perform a close inspection. Upon inspection, antique furniture has some irregularities in its surface. Determine the style period. When it comes to antique furniture, style is a good indication of the era the piece is from. Keep an eye out for the materials. Observe its craftsmanship.

How do I identify my furniture maker?

Look in the recesses of drawers or the springs of furniture for identification papers. These papers often give the date of manufacture, location of the factory in which the piece was manufactured, and the name of the maker. Photograph the unique characteristics of the furniture, such as drawer pulls or scroll work.

What is Chippendale furniture style?

Overview of the Chippendale Furniture Style. Chippendale Block and Shell Carved Mahogany Chest of Drawers, MoMA. Chippendale furniture is an American design originating in the 16th century. It is mainly characterized by the style of the legs and feet and is frequently made of a dark colored wood.

What is Sheraton style furniture?

Sheraton furniture was Neoclassical in style, reveling in simple elegance, geometric shapes, and straightforward designs. His personal style elevated rectilinear forms, architectural bodies with column-shaped legs, light and elegant frames, and a preference for wood inlay and veneer.

What is a Chippendale suite?

The style is Chippendale, named for an English cabinetmaker, Thomas Chippendale. Chippendale’s later style was more restrained, with straighter lines and less carving, more like your nightstand, probably a cabinet for a chamber pot. It might well have been made by the same manufacturer.

What is a Hepplewhite sideboard?

Celebrating the best of 18th century design, the Hepplewhite Sideboard is masterfully crafted with a solid mahogany top with an inlay of maple. Tapered legs also feature inlay of maple bellflowers, tulipwood and maple banding. Top center drawer contains Pacific Silvercloth® inserts.

When was Empire furniture made?

It flourished between 1800 and 1815 during the Consulate and the First French Empire periods, although its life span lasted until the late-1820s. From France it spread into much of Europe and the United States.

What is Duncan Phyfe furniture?

Duncan Phyfe was a Scotch immigrant who became known for refined furniture, made by skilled craftsmen in his factory in New York City. Phyfe took European styles and refined them with high quality materials to appeal to American tastes, becoming one of the best known furniture makes of the early 19th century.

How old is Queen Anne?

Furniture crafted in the Queen Anne style dates from the 1720s to approximately 1750 in England, although the ruler it is named after died in 1714. In the United States, production ran longer, right up to 1800 or so. This ever-popular style falls within the Colonial period.

What is Federal style decorating?

Borrowing the name of the time period in which it flourished (1785-1820), Federal style is a uniquely American version of neoclassical design. The style largely drew upon European influences, particularly Scottish architect and designer, Robert Adams, who popularized ancient Roman and Greek architectural details.

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