What Does Nocti Mean?

National Occupational Competency Testing Institute

how long is the nocti?

Most multiple-choice assessments contain approximately 150 items and on average require from two to three hours for administration.

how many questions are on the Nocti? NOCTI’s Culinary Arts Level 1 Prep Cook assessment covers 14 major work duties (topic areas). In the multiple-choice assessment, these 14 duties are tested with 194 questions.

what does Nocti stand for in medical terms?

National Occupational Competency Testing Institute

How do I get my Nocti scores?

Score reports are provided to teachers in PDF or Excel format by the school’s Site Coordinator. A Score Interpretation Guide is available in the Teachers Resource section of the Teacher’s Corner or can be provided by the Site Coordinator.

Where is the Nocti headquarters located?

The current NOCTI National Headquarters was established in August 1995 at 500 N. Bronson Avenue in Big Rapids, Michigan.

When was Nocti founded?

When was Nocti founded? ||| 1966

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