What Does Brea Mean In Scotland?

What does brea mean in scottish?

The meaning of the name “Brea” is: “Noble, strong, virtuous; hill”. Categories: Nicknames or Pet Names. Used in: English speaking countries. Gender: Girl Names. Origins: Celtic – Gaelic.

What does bri mean in scotland? bree. Use bree in a sentence. noun. The definition of a bree is a Scottish term for a watery soup or broth. An example of a bree is a simple soup given to a beggar who asks to be fed.

What does brea mean in gaelic?

The name Brea originated as an Irish name. The name Brea is most often used as a girl name or female name. In Irish, the name Brea means – beauty beyond sight. Irish Name Meaning – beauty beyond sight.

Where does the name Brea come from?

The name Brea is an Irish Baby Names baby name. In Irish Baby Names the meaning of the name Brea is: Hill. Alsoand Breanna.

What does Tilly mean in Scotland?

Tilley Name Meaning. habitational name from Tilley in Shropshire, named from Old English telga ‘branch’, ‘bough’ + leah ‘wood’, ‘clearing’. occupational name for a husbandman, Middle English tilie (Old English tilia, a primary derivative of tilian ‘to till or cultivate’).

What does Ben mean in Scottish?

Scot., Irish a mountain peak: Ben Nevis. Origin of ben. Scottish from Gaelic beann, akin to Middle Irish benn, a peak: see pin. within; inside. Origin of ben.

What does Bree mean in Scots?

Scottish National Dictionary (1700–) †BREE, n. 5. Disturbance, commotion, confusion.

What is the Scottish word for mountain?

beinn – a hill, a mountain, as in Beinn Ghlas.

What does Skye mean in Scottish?

Origin and Meaning of Skye The name Skye is of Scottish and English origin meaning adventurous. Another meaning of Skye is protection and scholar. The name Skye is used as a natural name based off of both the Scottish Isle of Skye and the sky itself. Skye can also be described as meaning free spirited.

Why are Scottish called Ben?

Ben Nevis comes from the Gaelic words, ‘Beinn Nibheis’. ‘Beinn’ is the Gaelic word for ‘mountain’, while ‘Nibheis’ is thought to have more than one meaning and is commonly translated as ‘venomous’ or ‘malicious’, giving Ben Nevis the meaning, ‘venomous or malicious mountain’.

What does Bre mean in Scottish?

Scottish National Dictionary (1700–) To be breein’, to be in an unco state o’ heat or perspiration. [Prob. a fig. meaning of Bree, v. 1]

What is Bri in Gaelic?

bri, br-i ] The baby boy name Bri is also used as a girl name. Its pronunciation is BRay- or BRiy- †. Bri is used predominantly in the English language and its origin is Celtic. Bri is a contraction of the name Brian (English, Gaelic, and Irish).

What does Brae mean in Scottish?

Brae is the Lowland Scots word for the slope or brow of a hill. The word ‘Brae’ in Shetland dialect has a different meaning; it may come from the Old Norse word breiðr meaning broad.

What does Breagha mean?

According to a user from United Kingdom, the name Breagha is of Scottish origin and means “Beautiful, fine, lovely. It is Scottish Gaelic and is pronounced Bree-ah”. According to a user from United Kingdom, the name Breagha is of Irish origin and means “Beautiful”.

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