What is Sic Bo online?

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As many people know, Sic Bo is a gambling game. That has been popular for a long time And the group of people who brought this type of gambling into our house is Chinese people. Who settled in Thailand But nowadays, the form of playing Sic Bo has been modified. in order to be able to make more profits and was renamed as Sic Bo.

Traditional Hi-Lo and Sic Bo Online, how are online Hi-Lo different?

In the part of the local dice. We believe that many people may know each other well. Because it is a popular recreational activity. And has been played a lot with formats and equipment that are not difficult to find. But what makes local Hi-Lo and Sic Bo online different are as follows.

Equipment to play Sic Bo online

Although using 3 dice and shaking equipment as well, but the traditional dice The shaking device is somewhat more covert than Hi-Lo Online that uses a transparent cover. So you can see the flip of the dice inside. Clearly, the important thing is that shaking the dice of online dice on ufabet.casino is shaking using an electronic device. ensures that Shaking weight will be the same every time

Banker’s advantage

At this point, many people may not notice that. In traditional Sic Bo games. The dealer has an advantage over the players. Because if the total points of all 3 dice come out are 11. It will be called 11 Hi-Lo, at this point, whether you bet high or low. will lose all money But if it is a bet with Sic bo Online on UFABET, if the points of all 3 dice can add up to 11, it will be counted as a high point. which means The chances of you making more money are also more.