Rules and methods for playing Sic Bo online

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Sic Bo is another online gambling game that can be played to make money easily, not losing baccarat at all. And today we will talk about the rules and methods of playing online Sic Bo games.

How to play Sic Bo online

  • stabbing

The favorite bet is a single number, such as a second favorite, a third favorite, it will have a great chance of winning. Because there will be three dice that come out with that number. It therefore has a lot of people who like to bet on Teng. and the payout rate will be 1:1

  • stab

This is also something that many people like. Because you can choose two numbers to bet on, such as odds 4,5 3,6, etc. The fact that there are many people who like to bet on odds is that it will have a payout rate at a very high price, that is 1 :5 ever

  • low thrust

The low bet is That you think that the sum of the three receptions. There will be a score of 4-10, betting like this. There is a chance to win up to 45% because it has a high win rate. It has so many people like that. and the payout ratio will be 1:1

  • high bet

High bets are similar to low bets. But it will be different. The number of points of the bet is that its sum must have a score of more than 12 or more to make you win a high bet. And the chance of winning is at 45% as well as low bets

  • Betting 11 Sic Bo

Betting on 11 dice is considered the bet with the highest payout rate. Because there is a small chance of winning, only 10%, and betting on 11 dice is that That person must bet 11, meaning that the sum of the three dice must be 11 in order to receive the prize money. and if you win will receive a prize of up to 1:11