Kean, Nef join ‘Grealish’ clever penalty call

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Manchester United legends Gary Neville and Roy Keane praised Jack Grealish ‘s clever penalty taker. By the latter comparing Manchester City’s attackers, it looks like a diving athlete.

Grealish slips into the penalty area, about to reach the ball and collides with Yacob Ramsey, falling to the ground

, referee Robert Jones awards a penalty and Riyad Mahrez kills for the team. Leading 3-0

, Keane served as analyst for UFABET to reflect on the situation.

“This time the referee had to give a penalty, Grealish was brilliant. And as an inexperienced defense by Jacob Ramsey, he blocked a few bits in Grealish’s leg.

Although at the halftime break, all the talk was about Neville’s comments about the £100m forward. Following the foul, he said: “He doesn’t need much of an invitation. He is clever, I think he has played the defender here, I really do.

“Among other things, Grealish tripped over his own feet, this moment he looked like Tom Daley (British diving athlete)” “But I

still think this moment should have been a penalty. And it was a clever play by Grealish, he dropped in knowing what he was doing – the referee had little choice but to award a penalty.

” Reflecting on the moment,

Grealish didn’t need much of an invitation, he was clever and used a trick on the defensive line.

Say Grealish was interrupted at this moment and should have been a clear penalty He knows exactly what he’s doing.”