De Paul confirms he is happy with Atletico Madrid.

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Argentine midfielder Rodrigo de Paul insists he is happy playing for Atletico Madrid. Argentina midfielder Rodrigo de Paul insists he is happy with Atletico Madrid and his current life in the Spanish capital. Amid previous links with Italian football clubs. According to a report from Diario AS on Sunday. 

De Paul reflected on his success with Argentina a year earlier: ‘There are so many memories. Sure, there aren’t many moments from the match that you remember. Due to adrenaline due to concentration But every time we have someone send us a video clip. And the memories came rushing out. It’s because a friend or someone close to us sent us something we’ve never seen.’

‘I’ve watched [the final] twice and I’m still very excited. I remember those times more peacefully now. When talking about football It was a great final for all of us who got to experience it.’ ทางเข้า UFABET 

The 29-year-old midfielder also spoke about Atletico Madrid and his life in the Spanish capital at the moment. saying: ‘I feel great [here]. I’m at one of the biggest clubs in the world. Which is in great demand I love it and am very happy at the club, in the city and this is important for a player’s life.’

‘I’ve grown a lot at this club. And I’m very excited about everything that’s going to happen. This is the most important thing to convey the enthusiasm we have within the dressing room and to be together. We are showing it at our home. and for them We are one of them. And we want to continue in that direction.’