Blackjack Card Game Rules

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Blackjack card game It is a very popular card game in the western world. Especially those who like to think, calculate, plan, solve problems. Because the rules of the game will give us many options to deal with. in order to measure points, compete with the dealer Unlike other casino games That usually doesn’t allow us to do anything with the cards. But we can only choose the betting side.  สมัคร UFABET

playing goal

Our goal in playing Blackjack card game The only thing is to beat the dealer. Because this game is not like other games where we have opponents and our only opponent is the dealer , so in this game we do not play to get 21 points, but we play to score higher than the dealer. Or hope for the dealer to surpass 21 points

How to beat the dealer?

  1. We get blackjack cards  ( Natural Blackjack  or A + 10 cards), but the dealer does not. If we win like this, we will bet 1.5 times (2 : 3). On the other hand, if the dealer gets Blackjack 21  but we don’t, we will lose immediately as well. But we pay the same amount (1 : 1).
  2. The dealer draws until he surpasses 21 points  (Bust), that is, the dealer will turn over the 2nd card when we finish the cards. And if the total points are less than 17, the dealer will draw until 17 or more or surpasses 21 points. Conversely, if we draw until 21 points, we will lose immediately as well.
  3. We have a total of 21 points closer than the dealer,  that is, in the event that no one draws until 21 points are reached, the bets will be measured on the total points. and the highest total score is 21 points, if winning like this We will bet 1 times (1 : 1), except if we choose to double or split during the game.