Is Jura A Burgundy?

The Jura is a region in eastern France, between Burgundy and Switzerland. Between Burgundy and the Jura is La Bresse, flat land lying on either side of the river Saône.

What is the most planted grape in jura?


What is macvin du jura? Macvin du Jura is a sweet wine appellation of the Jura region in eastern France. The eau-de-vie used to stop the fermentation mid-process (a method known as mutage) must be made from grape marc produced in Jura, and must have spent at least 18 months in oak barrels.

Where is the jura wine region?

Located between Burgundy and Switzerland, this cool climate wine region produces wines with some similarity to Burgundy and Swiss wine. Jura wines are distinctive and unusual wines, the most famous being vin jaune, which is made by a similar process to Sherry, developing under a flor-like strain of yeast.

What is savagnin wine?

Savagnin or Savagnin blanc (not to be confused with Sauvignon blanc) is a variety of white wine grape with green-skinned berries. It is mostly grown in the Jura region of France, where it is made into Savagnin wine or the famous vin jaune and vin de paille.

Where is wine made in France?

There are seven primary wine-producing regions in France: Alsace, Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire, Provence, and the Rhone Valley comprise the dominant French wine regions.

How is vin jaune made?

Vin jaune is made from late harvest Savagnin grapes, a white variety in the Traminer family which is less aromatic than the better-known Gewürztraminer. The grapes are fermented slowly and then kept in small old oak casks that hold 228 liters (60 gallons).

How do you pronounce savagnin?

Savagnin: Sah-vah-NYANH Not to be misconstrued as “Sauvignon.” This high-acid white grape’s star has been rising sharply along with that of its home, France’s Jura region.

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