How Long Is Disney On Ice Program?

90 minutes to two hours

How long is disney on ice show?

Still cameras are permitted, provided that they are non-professional cameras and the photos are intended for personal use only.

what do you wear to Disney on Ice show? We suggest you dress comfortably. The temperature in the arena is typically 10+ degrees cooler than outside, so a light sweater/jacket might be needed. Also, practical shoes are recommended to safely navigate the steps in the arena.

is 10 too old for Disney On Ice?

There is no age that is too old for Disney on Ice. There is just the age where they no longer enjoy it as much. That age varies from child to child.

What time is Disney on Ice today?

TODAY: Disney On Ice is here for Day 3! SHOW 1 Doors: 10AM Show starts: 11AM SHOW 2 Doors: 2PM Show starts: 3PM SHOW 3 Doors: 6PM Show starts: 7PM See you soon!

Can you bring snacks to Disney on Ice?

Can I bring snacks to the show? Snacks and drinks are on offer at the venue for purchase, and can be enjoyed during the show. However no snacks and drinks purchased outside of the venue will be allowed into the show.

Is it cold during Disney on Ice?

Bring a Coat, Just in Case The Disney On Ice website advises that “temperature in the arena is typically 10+ degrees cooler than outside.” When I caught Disney On Ice with my fam, I entered the arena prepared for icy-cold air, but the temperature inside was surprisingly comfortable.

What is a good age for Disney On Ice?

Children aged 2 – 12, students, pensioners and the unemployed. Identification is required. Do I need to purchase a ticket for my infant child who will sit on my lap for the entire show? Children under 23 months are admitted free provided they sit on a parent or guardian’s lap.

Where are the best seats for Disney On Ice?

Where is the best place to sit at Disney On Ice? 1st place: Rinkside area, front row (top price). 2nd place: Lower tier, around one-third of the way back/up – typically around rows 7 to 10 depending on the size of the venue (mid-high prices). Best seats on a budget: Upper tier, front two rows (mid to lower-mid prices).

How much do Disney on Ice skaters get paid?

While the world’s richest figure skaters might amass multi-million dollar personal fortunes, your typical “Disney on Ice” skater will pull around $500 to $800 a week during show season, or $20,000 per year.

Is Disney on Ice worth it for adults?

Disney On Ice really puts on a great show that we feel is great for all ages and that even adults can enjoy when they are without kids. Tickets for Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream range from $20 – $80 and are available at

Can I bring camera to Disney on Ice?

Disney On Ice productions vary in length, but they average between one hour and a half to two hours. This includes a 15-20 minute intermission. Are cameras allowed in the arena? Still cameras are permitted, provided that they are non-professional (no tripods) and the photos are intended for personal use only.

What happens at Disney On Ice?

Audiences will sing and dance with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and other beloved Disney characters as they are whisked away on a world-class ice skating adventure that brings Disney’s heartwarming tales to life. Each show amazes audiences with dazzling special effects, award-winning music and extraordinary skating.

What age is a child ticket on Ticketmaster?

Please note that for events that do allow children they must make sure they have an adult aged 18 years or over with them at all times.

Premium seats in the Extra Magic Zone offer VIP views and special access to the Disney On Ice magic. Magical surprises can happen at any time in the Extra Magic Zone, like being part of a Disney story or riding in the Magic Mobile vehicle* during the show! Extra Magic Zone guests receive a commemorative lanyard.

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