How Do You Fix Bike Forks?


When should i rebuild my mountain bike fork?

Similarly, you may ask, when should I rebuild my mountain bike fork?Forks and air sprung rear shocks typically require a basic service (similar to an oil change on your car) every 30-50 hours of riding. Then typically in the 100-150 hour area, any fork or shock should get a complete tear down (similar to a complete engine rebuild on your car).

what is fork travel on a bike? Mountain biking is a very diverse sport and there are suspension forks designed for every type of bike: cross-country bikes generally offer 80 to 120mm of suspension travel, trail bikes range from 120 to 140mm, enduro and all-mountain bikes have between 150 to 170mm, and gravity/downhill rigs go from 180 to 210mm.

what is lockout on mountain bike forks?

The lockout is a switch/lever on one of the tubes in your MTB fork that once turned makes your fork rigid. Some forks have what is called remote lockout – the lever is placed on the handlebar and thus you don’t need to reach down at the fork to operate it.

How much does it cost to rebuild a mountain bike fork?

Fork Factory Service $175 USD / $200 CAD*

How much does it cost to rebuild front forks?

Approximate Total Cost: $50 – $200 + 3-6 Hours of work If your relatively handy and feel up to the task of replacing your own fork seals than this is what you would be looking to spend in both time and parts cost. All prices will depend on what kind of motorcycle and forks you have.

How do I maintain my mountain bike forks?

Clean your forks with water; a hose is best, but if you use a jet wash then turn the bike upside down first so, as not to force water inside the fork seals. Be sure to remove all dirt from the fork stanchions and around the seals, especially between the stanchions and fork arch at the front of the fork.

How much does it cost to rebuild Fox shocks?

SHOCK SERVICE REBUILD REVALVE 2.5 Bypass 2.5 Internal Bypass 3.0 Bypass XP 1000 Front $150 $35 3.0 Internal Bypass 3.5 Bypass XP 1000 Rear $250 $35 4.0 Bypass $300 $35 4.4 Bypass $350 $35

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