Can You Manually Light A Furnace?

Gas furnaces now come with an igniter that works electronically to light the gas and heat the home. These newer furnaces do not use a pilot-light system as the older furnaces did. If your furnace is equipped with an electronic igniter, you cannot light the furnace manually.

How do you light a self igniting furnace?


  1. Look for a switch inside or near the furnace that turns it on and off. Make sure that it’s set to on.
  2. Make sure the gas valve is turned on.
  3. Examine the circuit breaker for the furnace.
  4. Check the pilot light.
  5. Leave the setting for lighting the pilot on for a few minutes after getting it lit.
can hear your furnace click on but it does not fire up? The Pilot Light (Faulty Ignition Sensor) The pilot light or ignition sensor is usually the most common issue when your furnace will not ignite. This is typically the problem if you can hear your furnace click on but it does not fire up. If the sensor or ignitor is dirty, it will need to be cleaned.

what would cause a furnace not to ignite?

If the furnace doesn’t ignite when the thermostat calls for heat, it may be due to a faulty control module, faulty pilot burner, damaged spark electrode or loose connections to the control module. The hot surface ignition system uses an electronic heating element to ignite the gas burner.

What would cause a furnace not to come on?

If your furnace does not heat at all. Thermostat malfunctions cause most heating system failures. Other causes include a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse, or—in the case of combustion furnaces—a pilot light that has gone out. 2 Be sure the furnace’s circuit breaker is on or that its fuse has not blown.

Where is the reset button on a furnace?

How to Find My Furnace Motor Reset Button Turn off the power to the furnace at the circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is clearly marked. Lift up the blower compartment cover to access the blower wheel and blower motor. Look for a small red or yellow button on the side of the blower motor. Press the reset button down if it has popped up.

Can I relight the pilot light by myself?

If your pilot light goes out, your furnace will not be able to produce heat because its burners will not ignite. Often, homeowners can relight the pilot themselves.

How do you reset the pilot light?

Turn the valve to “Pilot.” Near the valve, you’ll see a small button labeled “Reset.” Press this button while applying your lit match or butane fireplace lighter to the pilot light valve. Hold the flame steady until the pilot ignites, then release the button.

What do you do when your furnace won t turn on?

What to Do When Your Furnace Won’t Turn On Check Your Circuit Breakers. Even if you use a gas or propane furnace, some of the components run on. Check Your Thermostat. Check the Drain Pan. Check Your Air Filter. Check the Pilot Light. Check Your Natural Gas or Oil Supply.

Do all gas furnaces have a pilot light?

For many years, furnaces used a small and continuously burning flame known as a pilot light to ignite the burners during every heating cycle. Although pilot lights are still present in homes with older systems, most newly installed furnaces use an electronic ignition instead.

Where is the ignition sensor on my furnace?

The flame sensor is a rather simple device located at the burner assembly. It’s not much more than a thin, usually bent, metallic rod that sits in front of the flame stream inside the furnace. The purpose of the flame sensor is to confirm to the system that whenever the gas valve is open, a fire is actually present.

How do I clean the igniter on my furnace?

How to Clean a Furnace Ignitor Turn off the fuel supply to the furnace with your adjustable wrench. Open your main breaker box. Look at the diagram label on the side of your furnace. Look at the near end of the burner to find a small ceramic piece with two wires connected to its end. Hold the access panel in place.

How much does it cost to replace an igniter on a furnace?

The labor costs involved to replace the ignitor will vary by area but generally start at $75. Including the part and service, the costs can go up to $300. When the furnace ignitor malfunctions, the furnace won’t operate.

Can you manually light a gas furnace with electronic ignition?

If your furnace is equipped with an electronic igniter, you cannot light the furnace manually. However, you may be able to get the furnace working by turning off the igniter and resetting it. Find the paperwork for your particular furnace to locate the reset button or switch.

How do I fix my furnace?

Furnace Repair: 19 Common Furnace Problems (And How to Fix Them) Check Your Thermostat to make sure it’s ON. Furnace is Not Producing Heat – Try to Reset Home Circuit Breaker. Furnace is Not Producing Enough Heat – Check and Change Your Clogged Filter. Safety Switch on Furnace Door.

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