Stop doing these 5 behaviors that destroy your health.

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Stop doing these 5 behaviors that destroy your health.

worst habits for your brain

1. Sit all day

Because nowadays we have to work WFH (Work Form Home) and some people study online, causing many of our friends to have to sit all day. The behavior of sitting all day may have a negative effect on our bodies, for example, affecting It is detrimental to our mental and physical health if we have to sit all day. We try to change our work in order to reduce the risk That can cause various diseases, such as walking during breaks or while waiting for class, or standing to work. If any of your friends sit and work and feel neck and back pain. Try changing from sitting. Come stand and work.

2. Lack of sleep or little sleep

Working WFH (Work Form Home) or studying online gives us more free time. Some people may use social media. Too much so that it disturbs sleep and may lead to sleep deprivation. In addition, sleep deprivation also has many negative effects on our body, such as causing diseases such as gastritis, acid reflux, heart disease, and obesity. In addition, Lack of sleep or lack of sleep also affects the functioning of the body, the functioning of the brain and nervous system, and may affect work and daily life.

3. Drink coffee for the first meal of the day.

The first thing that many people usually do after waking up is drink coffee as their first meal of the day. It’s something that many people think will make us in good shape or that drinking coffee can replace breakfast. I have to tell you that doing โปรโมชั่น ufabet this is very wrong because drinking coffee as the first meal of the day will make us thirstier than before because while we sleep our body is fasting and water deprived, so When you wake up in the morning should eat breakfast official Not drinking coffee

4. Eat quickly

At present, our way of life There is more hustle and bustle, causing us to rush to everything, whether it’s rushing to travel, rushing to shower, rushing to get dressed, and hurrying to eat. Many people think that eating food is divided. There is no need to pay attention, just the body gets food. If you eat slowly, you won’t make it in time. But when we have the habit of eating quickly, It has a very negative effect on our body and makes us easily fat. Because in hurrying to eat, our brain will not let go. The hormone is very full. Makes us eat food We’re still hungry. As a result, we must Always looking for something to eat

5. Eating hidden sugar without realizing it

Many friends probably know that in one day we should eat no more than 6 – 9 teaspoons of sugar per day, but there are many friends who eat a lot more than the prescribed amount because in one day We had a drink of water. Without us realizing it, such as eating hidden sugar from the food we eat each day, such as rice. When we ingest it, I will change from starch to sugar, and if my body doesn’t use it all, there will be sugar left over and my body. I’ll keep it. It’s a reserve energy. What we usually call fat or belly. Aside from rice, there are many other things, such as noodle soup, although we don’t add any sugar. However, in the soup, the restaurant has seasoned it. It came before this. to make soup has good taste It has a delicious taste.