3 ways to reduce and prevent high cholesterol

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3 ways to reduce and prevent high cholesterol

high blood fat. It is an important cause that leads to ischemic heart disease. Recommend 3 methods that help prevent and reduce it. High cholesterol.

What is cholesterol?

A type of fat that the body can create itself. and can be found in food It is fat that is necessary for the body, especially in the process of building cells in the body. The body needs cholesterol to help function normally.

What is high cholesterol like?

High cholesterol (High Cholesterol) is a condition in which the level Blood cholesterol rises until it may be dangerous circulatory system This will put you at risk of being Ischemic heart disease and atherosclerosis. This condition cannot be cured because some cholesterol is important to the body. You can only change your lifestyle habits. and diet, including medication to control cholesterol levels to a normal level

Symptoms that occur When cholesterol is high

  • Chest pain due to heart muscle Starting to lose blood When there is severe stenosis enough to cause insufficient blood to supply the heart When doing activities that use a lot of strength
  • myocardial infarction from ischemic heart disease Blood vessels that feed the heart If it is clogged, it will cause myocardial infarction which has very severe symptoms
  • Vascular stenosis People with aortic stenosis in their legs will experience pain when walking for a certain distance. When you rest, the pain will go away.
  • sudden cardiac arrest which is usually caused by Acute coronary thrombosis

Symptoms that occur When your cholesterol is high, these are like silent dangers that you may not be aware of. When will it ทางเข้า ufabet happen? Because when we have high cholesterol, there will be no symptoms until it accumulates for a long time and then these symptoms or various diseases occur, then we will know.

3 ways to reduce and prevent high cholesterol

High cholesterol (High Cholesterol) is an important cause of Ischemic heart disease and atherosclerosis We can protect The occurrence of these diseases By reducing and preventing High cholesterol can be achieved in 3 ways as follows:

1. Choose food that has low cholesterol

Of course, cholesterol accumulates in our body. It comes from our daily food intake. Therefore, we should choose to eat food that has Low cholesterol includes vegetables, fruits, fish, as well as avoiding the use of oil in cooking. And avoid foods that contain cholesterol, such as fried foods, oily foods, and various types of bakery items.

2. Exercise regularly.

exercise Can help the body burn cholesterol or excess fat. There is another way, especially cardio exercise (Cardio) such as running or cycling. that helps stimulate the heart And the blood can pump well. You should exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

3. Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.

In addition to food, alcoholic beverages and smoking It is related to cholesterol as well, but in an indirect way, namely from exposure to toxins from cigarettes or alcoholic beverages. Affects the function of good cholesterol. Makes excess cholesterol cannot be transported to the liver It causes blood vessels to narrow. And eventually becomes atherosclerotic, so we should refrain from smoking. and drinking alcoholic beverages